On the internet you will find many so called 'locksmiths' claiming to be locally based in Islington, they are not! Most will use Upper Street as their phoney address. The thing to look for is a non geographic telephone number such as 0800 or 0844 etc.

Some even have telephone numbers that start '0203' or '0208' don't be fooled, they are out-of-London numbers, Islington is '020 7'

In fact, the local exchange historically was always '020 7278' our number is 020 7278 9338 which we have had here in Islington for 36 years!

We are the Original Islington Locksmith, operating locally from our workshop in Baron Street. Right in the heart of bustling N1, but we are not a shop, sorry.

Whatever your needs, our experienced Locksmiths will come to you, and all vans carry an extensive range of locks and tools to suit all your possible requirements.

We have been providing a Locksmith service in Islington since 1982 but sadly we do not have a shop that you can call in to.

We do not cut keys here nor do we sell locks from here, sorry. If you need keys cut talk to Ronnie who is a stall holder on Chapel Market (open every day except Mondays), or you can get keys cut at The Master Cobbler, 183 Upper Street, N1 1RQ

If you need a Locksmith or advice on a security matter, contact us directly.

Why not give us a call today.

Islington Locksmiths (not a retail shop) Baron Street
N1 9LL

020 7278 9338